Food & Beverage White Oils
Industry Applications

Lubsoil® white mineral oils are manufactured with the highest-quality mineral base stocks available; refined and hydro-treated to food grade white mineral oil specifications. These products meet or exceed U.S. F.D.A. regulation and are made by an advanced process developed to enhance the purity and stability.

What makes Tulco’s white oils right for your food grade application?

  • Our white mineral oils are direct contact minerals oils containing the highest purity and are also fortified with Vitamin E.
  • These oils meet the standards set forth by the National Formulary (NF) or US Pharmacopeia (USP).
  • They do not contain any natural products derived from animals, nuts or GMO’s, and are suitable for use where nut-free and vegetarian food is processed.
  • They meet the requirements set forth in the US FDA regulations manual for contact with food for human consumption and for use as a component of nonfood articles intended for use in contact with food for human consumption and are certified Kosher with the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America.
  • Lubsoil food grade white oils can be used as process oils and extenders for light colored rubber and plastics production.
  • These oils are effective alternatives to higher cost food-grade white oils, where applications may not require such levels of specificity such as dust suppression and textile fiber lubricants.
  • Low Pressure hydraulic systems
  • Coatings for egg, fruit and vegetable trays
  • Release agents for bakery equipment, pans and dough dividers
  • Lubricants for knives, hooks and chains
  • Rust Preventative for all process machinery used in the food industry
  • Cosmetics, lotions, body oils and ointments
  • NSF certified
  • OU Kosher certified
  • Do not contain any GMOs
  • Can be used where nut free and vegetarian food is processed
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Tulco food grade lubricants have solved tough problems for many food and beverage producers.