For over 60 years, Lubsoil® has evolved with Tulco, making us the premier manufacturer of application-specific lubricants. We have maintained the Lubsoil brand’s reputation for consistency and reliability with a customer focus on quality and integrity, with no intention of slowing down.

The Lubsoil product line offers both PAG-based and PAO-based fully synthetic lubricants, NSF & Kosher-approved food grade lubricants, in addition to a full line of industrial products that are designed to meet any specific application.

Lubsoil is designed and formulated for specific applications. As opposed to major-branded, off-the-shelf products that apply individual products for multiple applications, Tulco’s Lubsoil brand is optimized for your specific application, which is better for equipment life while utilizing also cost effectiveness.

Our Lubsoil operation continues to grow with customers because it offers quality, consistency, and performance through a hands-on, partnership-determined approach. It is an essential customer-driven lubricant brand on the market. Lubsoil is designed to serve your need and application, and create long term value through performance optimization.

Customer-Driven Products & Service

The Lubsoil brand represents years of a customer-focused, innovative, solutions-based process to creating high quality designed lubricants. Lubsoil fluids are specifically designed for unique equipment application. It’s not an off-the-shelf product by any means. Through a collaborative, committed approach to customer needs, the Lubsoil® brand surpasses the branded competition through quality, consistency, and performance.

We cut out the middle man by going directly to you, the customer. That allows us to better fulfill the unique needs of your operation. With Lubsoil, you’re getting custom, quality-controlled lubricants that have been risk-mitigated to ensure you get the best product for your operation.

Our processes allow for repeatability and quality, which saves you time and money. From manufacturing to packaging, our Lubsoil brand is a comprehensive solution for companies large and small.

Lubsoil: High Quality & High Value

When you pay for major-branded lubricants, you’re paying for a name and marketing expenses. With Lubsoil, you’re receiving a high quality product without paying for the major-brand prices.

We’ve experienced many customers who were unsatisfied with major-brand performance, application, and pricing. They soon discovered the Lubsoil line and never looked back.

Is your operation in need of high quality and high value with a focus on enhancing a partnership that provides solutions-based problem solving?

Then it’s time to make the switch to Lubsoil.

Learn about our unique, customer-driven processes and facility.