Gear Bearing
General Industrial Lubricants

There is an increased demand for efficient, high-productivity gear bearing lubricants for industrial application. Machine production environments are heavily dependent on the effectiveness of high-quality gear bearing lubricants, which must perform the critical process of force transferral, reducing wear and friction, heat dispersal, and filtering abrasive particles.

For years, Tulco has risen to the challenge by producing a full line of conventional gear and bearing lubricants designed for many applications. From heavy loaded gearboxes and lightly loaded bearings, to splash and circulation systems, we’ve designed our gear bearing lubricants for efficiency in any industrial operation. These oils have a long track record of consistent high performance in critical applications. Additionally, our line of gear bearing lubricants have excellent rust and oxidation stability that allows for long service life while the extreme pressure additives prevent wear from occurring on heavy loaded gears. All of the fluids have outstanding water separation capabilities allowing them to operate in humid environments.

  • All types of Enclosed Gears
  • Heavy or Light-Loaded Plain and Roller Bearings
  • Open Gear Systems
  • Turbines
  • Circulating Systems
  • Excellent Film Strength
  • Low and High Temperature Performance
  • Multi-Metal Compatible
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Tulco lubricants have solved challenges in a wide range of industry applications.