Food & Beverage

Keep your operation running smoothly and your products compliant with Tulco’s full range of lubricants for the food and beverage industries and associated areas. By using the proper food grade industrial lubricants, Tulco helps food and beverage producers guarantee that their products are safe and compliant. 

(Tulco’s products are registered with NSF and OU.)

Gear Bearing

These lubricants provide excellent gear bearing protection for equipment in food and beverage processing and packaging industries.


Tulco’s line of food grade hydraulic lubricants has gained a reputation for increasing system availability, efficiency, and productivity.

Compressors, Blowers,
& Vacuums

These fluids are fortified with food grade rust and oxidation inhibitors to provide superior performance in demanding food plants vacuum systems.


Tulco’s refrigeration lubricants provide superior low-temp flow, greater system efficiency, longer service life of equipment, and more.

White Oils

Lubsoil® white mineral oils are manufactured with the highest-quality mineral base stocks available, and refined and hydro-treated to food grade white mineral oil specifications.


Have a unique application? Let our team of experts help you find the right specialty food grade lubricant for your operation.

Tulco food grade lubricants have solved tough problems for many food and beverage producers.