Oil & Gas Processing

Tulco produces a full line of Lubsoil® lubricants designed to provide exceptional lubrication to oil and gas operations. Our lubricants provide reduced operational temperature and improved mechanical efficiency over conventional fluids. This means less downtime and lowered energy consumption, ultimately resulting in time and cost-savings for your operation.

Natural Gas Compressors

These fluids not only meet the requirements of the compressor but are also tailored to the gas stream being compressed.

Natural Gas Engines

This line of lubricants covers a wide range of engines, gas types, and OEM requirements of Ash Level.

Propane Refrigeration

Tulco has developed a synthetic line of lubricants to meet all the needs of major OEM refrigeration compressors using propane.

Surface Pumps

These synthetic lubricants are formulated to work with ferrous and non-ferrous metals and can be used with most commonly used seal material.

Heat Transfer

This line of lubricants meets the heat transfer needs within various stages of oil and gas production, including: initial production, transport, refining, and recycling.


Have a unique oil and gas application? Let our team of experts help you find or create the right lubricant for your operation.

Tulco lubricants have solved unique problems in a wide range of oil & gas applications.