Heat Transfer
Industry Applications

Tulco designs high-quality heat transfer fluids that can be used in all heat transfer applications calling for petroleum oils to be used as a heat transfer medium. These fluids are custom-formulated to optimize equipment operation in heat transfer industry applications.

What makes Tulco’s Lubsoil® brand right for your heat transfer application?

  • They can be used as makeup oil in any oil heat transfer system and are compatible with most high quality heat transfer oils, and are an essential oil for many types of closed and open loop systems.
  • This uniquely formulated fluid is non-corrosive and is a proven fluid with many years of long-term service.
  • These fluids serve as a very efficient heat transfer media, and provide excellent, long-term service in properly designed closed systems equipped with expansion tanks.
  • For high temperatures, Tulco’s line of synthetic heat transfer lubricants serve as a very efficient heat transfer media.
  • They are specially designed, synthetic heat transfer fluids with very low vapor pressure and high flash points to provide the necessary margin of safety needed for high-heat applications, and are designed to offer extended life in high-heat systems.
  • These lubricants offer cleansing action by suspending varnish and deposits and aid in keeping these contaminants from attaching to the system, which mitigates harmful buildup that could negatively affect your operation.
  • Heat Transfer Systems

  • Non-Corrosive
  • Compatible with most high quality HT oils
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