General Industrial Chain Lubricants

Tulco general industrial chain lubricants are specially formulated with high-quality base oils, additives, tackiness agent and provide good lubrication and wear protection to all types of industrial chain applications. With a high viscosity index, year-round usage is achieved with no need for a "summer" or "winter" blend. (However, these lubricants are not designed for high temperature oven applications.)

Our chain and conveyor lubricants demonstrate excellent anti-wear properties. With outstanding lubricity and stay-in-place characteristics, these fluids resist water displacement and continue to lubricate in high-moisture environments.

Tulco also offers a line of chain lubricants that uses a low-viscosity, evaporative-base fluid that penetrates all vital lubrication points of the chain and conveyor, delivering anti-wear agents, rust and corrosion inhibitors, lubricity agents, and anti-oxidant technology. This additive combination results in extended life for your chain and conveyor systems in temperatures up to 500 degrees F. (Due to its ability to stay in place when properly applied, powder coating and painting operations are not affected.)

  • Chains
  • Chain Drives
  • Plain Bearings
  • Conveyors
  • Reduced oil throw off
  • Resists water wash out
  • Year around usage
  • Rust Prevention
  • Anti-Wear
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Tulco lubricants have solved challenges in a wide range of industry applications.