We're a team, first and foremost. It's the talented, hardworking men and women who are the reason that our customers can rely on the quality of our products and service. And Tulco leadership doesn't take that lightly.

We are committed to leading our people with respect, integrity, and a passion for serving our customers well. Tulco is proud to have a group of leaders who truly believe in that philosophy.

Dylan Cope


From value-added solutions to a broad depth of understanding supply chain complexities, Dylan's previous financial career has earned him valuable insight into the Industrial sector. He has developed a solid reputation for continually building a strong company culture while enhancing strategic opportunities as Tulco grows and evolves. Prior to serving in his current role of President, he served as Tulco's Sales Director. Dylan's passion for the company is focused on cultivating a thriving culture of safe and healthy Tulco team members, building dynamic teams through collaboration and innovation, and driving success through product reliability and excellence.

Mike Hann

Vice President

Mike Hann works the Senior Executive Sales side of Tulco. With over 35 years of experience and success, he focuses on synthetics, specialized applications, and customized formulas for specific application.  Mike brings broad knowledge as an industry leader and his cross functional abilities parlayed with his dynamic engineering background excels Tulco to the forefront of synthetic lubricant sales. Mike leads the sales and R&D functions within Tulco Oils.

Don Feltham


Donald is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than 40 years of success spanning manufacturing, heavy equipment, construction, consumer products, IT, and higher education. Leveraging extensive experience leading global enterprises and driving supply chain management, Donald leads the HR, IT, and Accounting functions at Tulco Oils.

Don Stanton

VP of Operations

Don is a member of our executive management team who acts as a change agent for our company and culture, as well as directing our capital expenditures and expansion plans worldwide. He’ll humbly tell you it’s a privilege that he gets to do this daily, and that’s the kind of leadership mentality he has had for over 23 years.

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