Tulco Oils is an innovative, solutions-based lubricant manufacturer serving multiple industries, while continually looking to evolve and expand.

We first opened our doors in 1957 with a single location in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Throughout the years, we have grown and transitioned into the Lubsoil® brand of high-quality, uniquely designed lubricants.

To date, Tulco has expanded to 5 physical distribution locations, allowing us to provide quality industrial lubricants to a wide variety of industries around the globe. Our international capabilities are extensive and our products are used all over the world every single day.

Our Process & Procedures Are Unique

Every process at Tulco is customer-driven. From our contaminant-free unloading zone and food grade facility to our automated blending system, we're continually innovating for our customer base to assure consistent, precise fluids of the highest quality.

Our streamlined approach of batch tracking allows for complete traceability and transparency. With specific tracking measures in place, our hands-on approach for traceability and accuracy tracks how it was handled at every stage of the process, allowing for detailed operational analysis and troubleshooting.

When You Want Quality, Tulco Is Essential

Tulco continually develops, manufactures, and delivers best-in class products that are tailored to the specific needs of modern-day equipment. And we’ll continue operating with that high level of customer-driven dedication and attention to detail for decades to come.

Learn about our proprietary, application-specific Lubsoil® brand.