Refrigeration Synthetic Lubricants

At Tulco, we’ve designed our refrigeration fluids to provide excellent lubrication, reduced volatility, and carryover, resulting in less oil makeup, which offers significant cost savings. These products are also designed to operate at very low temperatures in rotary screw and reciprocating type compressors. As part of their synthetic formulation, our refrigeration lubricants are wax-free and prevent plugging and congealing at extreme low temperatures, making them versatile in a large number of operations.

We offer different lubricants all tailored for the type of refrigerant being run in most industrial refrigeration systems. Our Lubsoil® synthetic refrigeration lubricants are full-synthetic lubricants that have been specifically designed to be chemically and thermally stable for cleaner operating performance. These industry-leading lubricants also provide excellent wear protection for contact surfaces prolonging system life and system efficiency.

Tulco’s line of synthetic refrigeration compressor lubricants offer significant advantages in comparison to standard synthetic blends, group 2’s, and naphthenic oils currently utilized in most closed-loop ammonia systems. Our synthetic RL-WI refrigeration lubricants are water insoluble polyalkylene-glycol-based gas compressor lubricants with distinctive additives for use in reciprocating, screw, and rotary compressors for hydrocarbon process gas chillers in Refrigeration Lubrication application. Unlike mineral oils, PAOs and R&O oils, RL-WI lubricants are not easily absorbed into the gas stream and therefore lubricant viscosity dilution is significantly minimized.

Our synthetic refrigeration lubricants are particularly suitable for use with propane and propene chiller systems. The high resistance to gas dilution of the lubricant ensures proper lubricant viscosity is maintained, thereby ensuring adequate oil film thickness and efficient compressor lubrication. Our lubricants are a precise synthesis of premium PAG base oil and sophisticated additives to ensure long service life, excellent wear protection, and high thermal and oxidation resistance.

  • Rotary Screw Refrigeration Compressors
  • Reciprocating Refrigeration Compressors
  • Reduced Carryover
  • Excellent Thermal Stability
  • Excellent Cleanliness
  • Low Foaming Tendencies
  • Extended Drain Capabilities
  • Exceptional Low Pour Quality
  • High Resistance To Gas dilution
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