Synthetic Lubricants

Tulco produces a full line of Lubsoil® synthetic lubricants designed to provide exceptional lubrication to gears and bearings from the most basic application to the most extreme conditions. Our synthetic lubricants provide reduced operational temperature and improved mechanical efficiency over conventional fluids. This means less downtime and lowered energy consumption, ultimately resulting in time and cost-savings for your operation.


Tulco formulates our synthetic lubricants with the highest-quality synthetic base stocks combined with the latest advances in additive systems.


Our synthetic hydraulic lubricants are advanced, high-performance, zinc-free (ash-less), anti-wear, and extreme-pressure fluids.


Our synthetic compressor fluids offer superior performance in the areas of oxidation resistance and deposit control, while also addressing issues of thermal degradation.


Lubsoil® synthetic refrigeration lubricants are full-synthetic lubricants that have been specifically designed to be chemically and thermal stable for cleaner operating performance.


Have a unique application? Let our team of experts help you find the right specialty synthetic lubricant for your operation.

Our synthetic lubricants have solved tough problems for a wide range of customers.