General Industrial Lubricants

Tulco is on a mission to help our customers reduce the total cost of equipment ownership. Our full line of mineral and synthetic lubricants are skillfully designed for the optimal lubrication of specific equipment types in various industrial settings. Our custom, application-specific formulations help lower the total cost of operation by extending the life of your equipment.

Gear Bearing

Our line of gear bearing lubricants are designed to extend service life, while the extreme pressure additives prevent wear from occurring on heavy loaded gears.


These fluids are formulated to meet the rigorous requirements of high-pressure hydraulic systems and save on long-term operational costs.


Tulco offers a diverse set of options when it comes to lubricating refrigeration compressors that run ammonia as refrigerant.


Our chain lubricants have excellent anti-wear properties, lubricity, and stay-in-place characteristics, and can be used year-round in hot or cold conditions.

Heat Transfer

These lubricants serve as an efficient heat transfer media, and provide superior, long-term service in properly designed, closed systems with expansion tanks.

Process Oils

Have a specialty process application? Let our team of experts help you find the a uniquely designed lubricant for your operation.

Tulco lubricants have solved challenges in a wide range of industry applications.