Hydraulics Synthetic Lubricants

Lubsoil® synthetic hydraulic lubricants are formulated with the highest quality synthetic base fluids, along with the latest technological advances in additive systems, to provide superior anti-wear, rust and corrosion, and extreme pressure protection properties for all types of high pressure hydraulic systems, including vain, piston, and gear pumps. These fluids have very low sludge formation tendencies and with their low pour points and high viscosity indexes, they demonstrate excellent low and high temperature performance.

Tulco synthetic hydraulic lubricants are commonly used in hydraulic systems, compressors, vacuum pumps and circulating systems and are formulated with the highest-quality synthetic base stocks and the latest technology of food grade additive systems. They provide excellent protection for bearings and where metal-to-metal contact can cause premature failure. This formulation offers excellent protection against rust and corrosion and demonstrates excellent high and low temperature performance.

Our synthetic hydraulic lubricants are advanced, high performance, zinc-free (ashless), anti-wear and extreme-pressure fluids. Typical applications include: critical industrial and mobile equipment hydraulic systems, circulating systems running at high pressure and temperatures, light to moderately loaded gear systems, heavily loaded plain and roller bearings, turbines, and air compressors.

These lubricants are multi-metal safe, to include ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They are ideal for close clearance servo valves and equipment running at wide temperature ranges. Outstanding filterability allows for extended drain intervals and longer runtimes between change outs.

They are advanced ultra-low temperature fluids. With their extremely low pour points and exceptionally high Viscosity Indexes, these fluids are well suited for arctic-type conditions.

These lubricants provide excellent wear protection for hydraulic motors and pumps along with rust and oxidation resistance. They prevent sluggish operations at cold start-ups and maintain optimum film strength and viscosity over a wide range of temperatures, unlike conventional naphthenic based products.

It displays excellent anti-wear capabilities, excellent frictional properties, has a very high viscosity index for high temperatures and an extremely low pour point for cold temperature flow performance. This fluid will offer extended drain intervals and outperform conventional farm tractor fluids, while negating the need for seasonal fluid changes due to summer and winter temperatures.

  • Critical industrial and mobile equipment hydraulic systems
  • Circulating systems running at high pressures
  • Light to moderately loaded gear systems
  • Heavily loaded plain and roller bearings
  • Excellent compatibility with other hydraulic fluids, including those containing zinc
  • Provides outstanding anti-wear and extreme pressure protection
  • Outstanding filterability
  • Strong thermal and oxidative performance
  • Excellent for multifunctional applications
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