Tulco Oils provides a full range of products, extensive technical support, as well as customer-driven programs. We have the knowledge and experience to get customers the highest quality products to meet their exact needs, and we take pride in offering our clients the best.

Our Equipment and Process Set Us Apart:

  • Indoor truck rack system mitigates contaminants
  • Dedicated lines and air flushing ensure fluid integrity
  • Computerized system that allows for precise, consistent blends every single time
  • Insulated tanks with moisture control ensure purity and stability
  • In-plant surveys and programs (including Total Fluid Management)
  • The most thorough quality control in the industry to guarantee customer satisfaction
  • The friendliest customer service team in the industry
  • Superior product tech support
  • Truck fleet dedicated to lubricants
  • Certifications that include ISO 9001:2015, NSF, OU, and Halal

Every process at Tulco is customer-driven. From our contaminant-free unloading zone and food grade facility to our automated blending system, we're continually innovating for our customer base to assure consistent, precise fluids of the highest quality.

Our streamlined approach of batch tracking allows for complete traceability and transparency. With specific tracking measures in place, our hands-on approach for traceability and accuracy tracks how it was handled it at every stage of the process, allowing detailed operational analysis and troubleshooting.

Tulco provides comprehensive support and a customer-centered experience all the way from research and development to delivery. We know it's about more than delivering a full-service solution to our clients. It’s about our experienced team delivering results and accountability with every transaction.

That’s how Tulco works. That’s the level of service our customers know they can count on.

Give us a call and experience the Tulco difference... or better yet, come take a tour of our primary manufacturing facility and see our superior process in action!

Tulco is guided by an experienced group of integrity-driven leaders.