Gear Bearing Turbines
Industry Applications

Tulco provides customers with efficient, high-productivity gear bearing lubricants for industrial application.

Machine production environments are heavily dependent on the effectiveness of high-quality gear bearing lubricants, which must perform the critical process of force transferral, reducing wear and friction, heat dispersal, and filtering abrasive particles.

For years, we have risen to the challenge by producing a full line of conventional gear and bearing lubricants designed for many applications. From heavy loaded gearboxes and lightly loaded bearings, to splash and circulation systems, we’ve designed our gear bearing lubricants for efficiency in any industrial operation. These oils have a long track record of consistent high performance in critical applications.

Whatever the industry application, our line of gear bearing lubricants have excellent rust and oxidation stability that allows for long service life while the extreme pressure additives prevent wear from occurring on heavy loaded gears. All of the fluids have outstanding water separation capabilities allowing them to operate in humid environments.

What makes Tulco’s Lubsoil® brand right for your gear, bearing, or turbine application?

  • Our synthetic gear oils can provide reduced operational temperature and improved mechanical efficiency over conventional fluids. This means less downtime and lowered energy consumption, ultimately resulting in time and cost-savings for your operation.
  • Our full line of Lubsoil Synthetic lubricants is designed to provide exceptional lubrication to gears and bearings from the most basic application to the most extreme conditions. We formulate our synthetic lubricants with the highest-quality synthetic base stocks combined with the latest technological advances in additive systems to provide superior performance in protection of all types of gear and bearing configurations.
  • Superior anti-wear, rust and corrosion, and extreme pressure protection properties for all types of high pressure circulating systems, including:
    • Vain
    • Piston
    • Gear Pumps
  • Tulco’s line of synthetic lubricants are formulated with either PAO or PAG base stocks with exceptionally high viscosity indexes, which allow the fluid to stay in desired viscosity when subjected to higher temperatures when compared to conventional gear lubricants. Tulco synthetic fluids have superior friction-reducing capabilities, meaning that you can expect less power consumption for your operation. We’ve designed them to provide excellent lubrication for turbines, enclosed industrial gears, and heavily loaded plain and roller bearings that do not require extreme pressure formulated lubricants.
  • High EP properties allow for protection under harsh stop/start conditions and shock loads. Compatible with both ferrous and nonferrous metal allowing their use in almost all industrial gear and bearing systems, to include spur, helical, and bevel gears. Tulco’s gear bearing synthetic lubricants allow thermally stable operation at temperatures exceeding 200°C, and offer anticipated service lifetimes of all grades in excess of 10,000 hours at 100°C, enabling extended service intervals and, in some instances, a fill-for-life lubricant.
  • All types of enclosed gears
  • Heavy or light loaded plain and roller bearings
  • Open Gear systems
  • Filled for Life Gear Boxes
  • Turbines
  • Circulating Systems
  • Excellent Film Strength
  • Low and High Temperature Performance
  • Multi-Metal Compatible
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Very Low to No Sludge and Varnish Tendencies
  • Extended Drain Intervals
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Tulco lubricants have solved unique problems in a wide range of industry applications.