Metalworking Cleaners
Industry Applications

Removing metalworking fluids from parts, machines, and work areas can sometimes be difficult. Tulco offers an innovativeline of cleaners that are specifically designed to make the cleaning process manageable. From general purpose cleaning and floor scrubbers to industrial parts washers, Tulco can help you select a product that best meets your needs.

Tulco also offers a mild alkaline cleaner intended for cleaning out machine tool coolant systems. This lubricant cleaner contains excellent cleaning ability, and also sanitizes the sump by killing bacteria and fungus. This product can be safely added in low concentrations to coolant systems several hours before the clean out. It dramatically reduces clean out times with its ability to be mixed with the old coolant, which allows you to continue running your machine and bypass any downtime. It actually mixes well with existing contaminated coolant and then cleans and sanitizes while production is still taking place. Additionally, most of our cleaner lubricants come in a concentrate form that is compatible with both hard and soft water.

  • General Purpose Cleaning
  • Floor Scrubbers
  • Parts Washers
  • Cleaning of CNC Coolant Systems
  • Excellent wetting ability
  • Low foaming
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Our Lubsoil® products have been a solution for a wide range of metalworking applications.