Industry Applications

There are currently three types of commonly available transmissions for Class 6 to 8 trucks: manual, automated manual (AMT) and automatic. For many years, the simplicity, reliability and low acquisition cost meant the manual transmissions dominated the market, but as skilled drivers have become scarce and electronic engines allow better communication with the transmissions, there has been an ongoing shift from manual transmissions to automatic and automated manual transmissions.

Tulco offers both conventional and synthetic products for most transmissions used in the heavy construction and mining industry. Whether your transmission is from Eaton, Mack, Volvo, Daimler or one of the other major transmission manufactures, Tulco can help you select the proper transmission fluid for your application.

  • Manual Transmissions
  • Automated Manual Transmissions
  • Automatic Transmissions
  • Outstanding low temperature performance
  • Extends the life of the transmission
  • Enhanced foam control
  • Superior anti-wear protection
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Our Lubsoil® products have been a solution for a wide range of mining & heavy construction applications.