Mining & Heavy Construction

We have developed a full line of mining and heavy construction lubricants that are skillfully designed for optimal equipment lubrication for this industry. Our custom, application-specific formulations help lower the total cost of operation by extending the life of your equipment.

Hydraulic Systems

Our line of hydraulic lubricants have superior oxidation and thermal stability and meet the rigorous requirements of high-pressure hydraulic systems.

Gear Boxes

We formulate our lubricants with the highest-quality base stocks and latest advances in additive systems to provide superior performance in protection gear and bearing configurations.

Compressors, Blowers,
& Vacuums

Lubsoil® synthetic compressor fluids offer superior performance in oxidation resistance, deposit control, and address the issues of thermal degradation.

Diesel Engines

Tulco has a full line of conventional and synthetic diesel engine oils that meet the latest API specifications.


Whether your transmission is from Eaton, Mack, Daimler, or another major transmission manufacturer, we'll help you select the optimal transmission fluid for your application.


We follow industry standards and have fluids that meet the specifications of most major differential manufacturers and API.


Tulco offers a full line of concentrated and pre-mixed antifreeze/coolants and can help you select the best option for your specific application.

Concrete & Brick

We offer several different release agents that help extend service life of molds and forms.

Our Lubsoil® products have been a solution for a wide range of mining & heavy construction applications.