Diesel Engines
Industry Applications

Because of diesel's unmatched and unique combination of power, performance, reliability, fuel efficiency and now low emissions, it is the technology of choice and the workhorse of the nation's construction and mining sector, powering more than three-fourths of all heavy construction and mining equipment. Tulco has a full line of conventional and synthetic diesel engine oils that meet the latest API (American Petroleum Institutes) specifications. API standards are developed under API’s American National Standards Institute accredited process, ensuring that the API standards are recognized, not only for their technical rigor, but also for their third-party accreditation, which facilitates acceptance, by state, federal, and increasingly international regulators.

Typically, a diesel engine oil, HDMO’s, have 80% more anti-wear additives and 30%-50% more detergent, dispersant and corrosion inhibitors compared to gasoline PCMO’s. It is important to match up your engine lubricant not only to the engine type and fuel source but also on the environment and how the equipment is being operated.

  • Four Stroke Engines
  • Turbo Charged Engines
  • Stationary Engines
  • On/Off Road Engines
  • Excellent Wear Protection in New and Older Engines
  • Outstanding Oxidation Stability
  • Excellent Emission System Protection
  • Extended Drain Interval Capable
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