Soluble Oils
Industry Applications

Soluble oils are also called emulsifiable oils or water-miscible coolants. They are made up of finely refined lubricant-base oil and emulsifiers to help disperse the oil in water. These fluid concentrates include other additives to improve performance and lengthen the life of the fluid. Soluble oil products are supplied as concentrates that are diluted with water to obtain the working fluid.

Additionally, soluble oils provide good lubrication and are better at cooling than straight oils. Soluble oil are generally easiest to waste treat and are least-aggressive overall on an operator’s skin. Tulco has developed a full line of Soluble Oils that cover the multitude of metalworking operations and the different metal types used in these operations. Different additive technologies work best at certain temperatures and with certain metal types. Tulco can help you select the best Soluble Oil for your specific operation with these factors in mind.

  • Cutting
  • Grinding
  • Boring
  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Broaching
  • Threading
  • Milling
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Excellent lubricity
  • Least aggressive overall on operator’s skin
  • Generally easiest to waste treat
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