Metalworking Lubricants

Tulco formulates our metalworking oils with premium base stocks and state-of-the-art additive systems to provide optimum performance in all types of metalworking operations. Our metalworking lubricants demonstrate high performance in drilling, cutting, threading, screw machine, shaving, grinding, reaming, honing, lapping, broaching, tapping, gear cutting, turning, milling, and other metal removal.

Way Slides & Spindles

With good corrosion protection and excellent film strength, these lubricants are able to prevent premature wear and chatter along ways and slides.

Straight Oils

Our line of straight oils cover a variety of metalworking operations and perform best at slower speeds, high metal-to-metal contact, or with older machines made specifically for use with straight oils.

Semi-Synthetic Coolants

Our semi-synthetic coolants offer good lubrication, good heat reduction, good rust control, have longer sump life, and are cleaner than soluble oils.

Synthetic Coolants

Among the different types of metalworking fluids, synthetic coolants generally are the cleanest, offer the best heat reduction, have excellent rust control, and offer longer sump life.

Soluble Oils

Soluble oil products are generally easiest to waste treat and are least-aggressive overall on an operator’s skin. These fluids are formulated to improve performance and lengthen the life of equipment.

Rust Preventatives

Tulco offers an extensive line of rust preventatives for short, medium, and long-term protection of a variety of metals.

Quench Oils

Tulco offers multiple quench oils designed with different viscosities and quenching speeds to meet different hardness requirements.

Gun Drilling, Grinding,
& Honing

One of our Tulco experts can help you select proper grinding and honing oil in line with the type of operation and the type of stone being utilized.


Our line of innovative cleaners are specifically designed to make the cleaning process manageable.


Have a unique application? Let our team of experts help you find the right specialty metalworking lubricant for your operation.

Our Lubsoil® products have been a solution for a wide range of metalworking applications.