Rust Preventatives
Industry Applications

Rust Preventative (protection) oils are lubricants providing temporary protection of metal parts from oxidation caused by moisture, oil contaminants, and chemically active atmospheres.

Rust Prevention is not only critical to storage of finished parts but also critical to in-process, inter-operational activities that is between fabrication stages. Tulco offers an extensive line of rust preventatives for short, medium, and long-term protection of a variety of metals. The type of film is also a key to rust protection with options of wet, semi-wet, or dry film—all of which areoffered by Tulco to allow for the best protection for your application.

For wet metal parts, Tulco offers rust preventatives with water-repellent properties that pull the moisture from the part, allowing the rust preventative to reach the metal surface and prevent rust from forming. Tulco also offers VSI (vapor space inhibitors) that help fill the vapor space above the oil level to form a rust preventative barrier on exposed metal surfaces and helps combat vapor space rusting. When oil is not an option, Tulco has water-based Rust Preventatives that leave a thin film of protection that can be welded and is refrigerant compatible.

  • Short-term storage
  • Medium-Term Storage
  • Long-Term storage
  • Inter operational stages
  • Excellent Rust & Corrosion Protection
  • Multiple Metal Applications
  • Very Versatile
  • Wet, semi-wet or dry finish
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